If COVID Was a Scam How Would They Pull It Off?

If COVID Was a Scam How Would They Pull It Off?

By Australian National Review

If Covid was a scam how would they pull it off?

There are 2 things you’d need to do.
And it isn’t that hard to do.



Here’s what others had to say:

Lauren Prosser
Why 90 days of food? What do you expect is coming?

Kaylene Joy
Anyone heard they are testing 5G today? Can anyone confirm this tia.

Dolly Molly
Nice to see the sea in your back, I am day 27 of quarantine today.

Shinken Hyoh
My moms kicking me out if I don’t take vaccine since she will supposedly “lose her job”. I’m 19 years old, shall I just move out.

Angie T Keogh
FYI some people out there trying to discredit you because of some past issues… I’ll inbox you.

Richard Baril
How ? Like George Carlin says they own the faking place.

Paul Damevski
We are living in tough times !!!

J.C. Hawkes
Great stuff… awesome you’ve shared, enlightening.

Julia Lawrence
Out of over 14000 reported deaths from the jabs in USA, only 1 autopsy has been done. Why?

Gwendolyn Borsato
Whattttt? We can be infected by the spike protein if we haven’t been jabbed? Did I hear that right?

Sonja Rado
Thanks Jamie have a great holiday you deserve it!!!

Paul Green
Scaring us is the point- makes us react.

Paul Green
Keep fighting the cause Jamie McIntyre we need more like you.

Kathy Nisbet
Even funnier that people are all gung-ho about supporting Australian made (and making a point of not supporting Chinese), yet they go get an injected substance with spike proteins made from a lab in
Beijing! LOL.

Michael Giammusso
They rely on people’s laziness to spoon feed them, Kudos! That is key to brain washing them, don’t do the work we have “experts” that will interpret it for you..

Tracey TB
A friend of mine has a friend who had elective surgery in Brisbane a month ago and they were jabbed with AZ without their informed consent!!! Be careful everyone ⚠️

Abbey Hawkes
we need to make like minded community in our LGAs and work together to support each other see what we al

Biljana Rujanoski
Ofcourse, they won’t stop until 2023, because it can’t pass approval….so under the guise of state of emergency they get away with all of this BS.

Original Source: https://www.australiannationalreview.com/global-issues/if-covid-was-a-scam-how-would-they-pull-it-off/

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