Riccardo Bosi – Australia: What Do We Do Now?

Riccardo Bosi – Australia: What Do We Do Now?

By Maria Zeee


Riccardo Bosi joins us to discuss the state Australia is in now with a predominantly left-wing government being in power following fraudulent elections, and what people should do moving forward.

Here’s what others had to say:

trolls are out in force …hahaha ! ! now I’m really interested in watching this interview …

Maria, ask him why does he like Trump who still endorses the death jab and wanted all Americans to have it by implementing Operation Warp Speed.

I like the passion of Riccardo Bossi and yes for the 1st time in my long life I became politically active at the Federal election for a minor party and scrutineered as well and will do it again. It is just so difficult now because everybody has settled in thinking everything is normal but I was looking forward to retiring comfortably 3 years ago and I can’t not see what I see or not know what I know and nothing is normal anymore even though lockdowns have ended. We really need to get people we know to commit that they will stand up next time and not allow the government to lockdown rather than acquiesce. That should be our 1st step to unite all sides so that many more will stand up and say no. Imagine 500,000 people in the streets in Sydney protesting if they try that lockdown scam again.

I admire Ric’s optimism and patience but when there is no law and every level of government is compromised, you have no say for anything. If you have no say, you have no chance and it only leaves one way to do things, I think you know what I mean.

Useful idiots of the WEF have infiltrated your gov and work to put you in submission. Same in NZ, Canada, etc. To confirm who NOT to vote for, search members at YoungGlobalLeaders.org

For the postal votes we were instructed to vote 6 above the line, or vote below the line. These were instructions that came with the postal vote.

the voting is null and void alledgedly compromised; so what now? fibs and fabs need to be tried for tweason>? “they know it”

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